Advanced Children Basic Clothes

Let us present you ACBC _ Advanced Children Basic Clothes.

We believe that fashion for kids is not about cuteness, it’s more about attitude and uniqueness. So ACBC is a demonstration of a good mix between comfort, simplicity and design with a “twist”.

Our vision and approach for creating ACBC came from the desire to offer an alternative aesthetic to brightly colored and somehow complicated kids clothing. That means simple lines, unusual colors, geometric prints, special cuts, rough finishes. That’s why our inspiration comes from various creative fields: from architecture, to photography, graphic design & advertising. We try to build our own brand and our own identity as our role-model for us, to be proud of it also as parents not just as creators.

The collection is designed and produced exclusively in Romania. Each item reflects our concern for every day comfort, without leaving aside shape and aesthetics. We develop clothes for children between 2-14 years old drawing our inspiration from our own offspring.

We stand for “simplicity and attitude” in a world invaded by “cute” and we hope we would make even grown-ups a bit envious.



No 11, Lt Av Serban Petrescu St., Bucharest, 011891 , Romania


Mobile: +40 721 584 073





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